Cinematic/ dramatic:

Defcon z

Epic, Hybrid movie trailer style, dramatic, tech, cinematic, tense.

Fantasy Piece in Three Movements (excerpt):

Happy, wondrous, foreboding, dark, tempestuous, triumphant, glorious

Until the End:

dramatic, inspirational, epic, cinematic

Under Wonderland:

Dark, magical, adventurous, dramatic, cinematic.



A Norwegian medical podcast focusing on emergency nursing and the treatment of acute diagnoses / events.

video game:

Bumpkin Town:

Happy, cheerful, relaxed, rural, quaint, pleasant.

Marv the Miner:

8-bit, retro, digital, upbeat.

The Enchanted Forest:

magical, enchanted, fairytale, fantasy.

Dawn of War:

Battlefield, military, tech, dramatic, tense, epic.

fashion/ catwalk:

Summer Glo:

Warm, funky, laid back, retro, Smooth.

Paris fashion chic:

Funky, eletronic, edgy, haute couture, sassy.

Soft sky:

dreamy, cool, etheral, introspective.

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